Gobi Dessert new dinosaur two fingers

In the Mongolian part of the Gobi Desert researchers from the University of Edinburgh have discovered a new species of dinosaur. The fossil indicates that the dinosaur had no teeth and only two fingers. In the study, it is speculated to date back about one hundred million years and was a feathered creature.

The species was named the Oksoko Avarsan. The Edinburgh researchers discovered multiple skeletons belonging to the new species. Initial findings point out that the dinosaur was most likely an omnivore belonging to the three-fingered family of dinosaurs, the oviraptors.

Dr. Gregor Funston has this to say about the Oksoko Avarsan:

“Oksoko avarsan is interesting because the skeletons are very complete and the way they were preserved resting together shows that juveniles roamed together in groups.

“But more importantly, its two-fingered hand prompted us to look at the way the hand and forelimb changed throughout the evolution of oviraptors, which hadn’t been studied before.

“This revealed some unexpected trends that are a key piece in the puzzle of why oviraptors were so diverse before the extinction that killed the dinosaurs.”


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