NASA economic output

NASA conducted a fiscal impact study over the entire agency. It was NASA´s first-ever attempt at estimating the economic impact of the agency on the US.

The budget of the agency was $20.7B for the fiscal year of 2019. NASA´s report shows that the agency generated over $64.3 billion in total economic output. NASA also (in)directly supported 312 000 jobs over the US. The agency also generated around $7B in taxes.

The Artemis program, NASA´s plan to have a base on the moon and land American astronauts by 2024 supports 69000 jobs and generated 14 billion of economic output. The amount of economic output from this program is expected to double in 2021 to almost 30 billion.

“In this new era of human spaceflight, NASA is contributing to economies locally and nationally, fueling growth in industries that will define the future, and supporting tens of thousands of new jobs in America,” said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine. “With an investment of just one-half of 1% of the federal budget, NASA generates significant total economic output annually. This study confirms, and puts numbers, to what we have long understood – that taxpayer investment in America’s space program yields tremendous returns that strengthen our nation on several fronts – a stronger economy, advances in science and technology, and improvements to humanity.”

NASA also plays an important role in the technological advancement of the United States. The number of spinoff technologies developed from NASA programs since 1976 is over 2000.


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