Second largest solar plant in the world

The joint project between the fully state-owned utility energy firm Huanghe Hydropower Development and Sungrow came online last week. The solar plant, also called a photovoltaic power station, with a 2.2-gigawatt capacity is second only to Indias Bhadia solar park, which has a capacity of 2.5 gigawatts. As a comparison, the largest US solar farm, Solar Star farm, has ´only´ 579 megawatts of energy.

The plant which is located just outside of the city of Xining will be able to power as much as one million homes. Besides its impressive energy production capability, it also has 202.8 megawatt-hours of storage capacity.

The plant is part of the CCP plan of building the world’s largest super grid. Connecting the nation’s six regional grids and making it more efficient to transfer energy from the countries west to the east. Plants of this scale are needed if the communist country is serious about reaching its peak carbon dioxide emissions goal within the next 10 years.

It is estimated that to become fully carbon-neutral, as China plans to be in 2060, will cost about $5 trillion in investments. As the largest polluter and most populous country, this would have a major effect on the projected global warming estimates. To accomplish a goal like this, it is estimated that China’s storage capacity for wind and solar will have to increase elevenfold to 5 gigawatts.


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