Reterraform is a news website, but not just any news website. We concentrate on bringing you the latest updates about space exploration, natural history, the environment, and technology. However, we also try to do something about the problems the planet faces today. Head over to projects to see what we are working on. We dream about one day being able to drop the ´Re´ from Reterraform.

At this moment, we do not have ads or sponsored posts. Everything is self-funded. We do have some shirt campaigns on Teespring that try to help keep this website afloat! We plan on using those sales, first and foremost keeping this website online, and bringing relevant content about the environment, animals, space, and technology. Second of all, to realize and help realize small projects. If you are interested in writing for us or have an interesting editorial for us to consider, please email us at contact@reterraform.com!