Solar panel mandate

In a new study that was done by CITE Research for solar energy company Vivint Solar, overwhelming support for more solar energy is found amongst Americans. Young Americans in particular seem to approve of a mandate that would make sure every new home build would have mandatory solar panels if possible.

“California was the first state to pass a solar panel mandate on new homes and it goes into effect in 2020. We’ve seen that state often lead the way in establishing environmental practices nationwide,” said David Bywater, CEO of Vivint Solar, which has installed solar energy systems on more than 160,000 U.S. homes.

“We believe more states will make strides to adopt residential solar requirements, and it’s great to see the vast majority of American adults support this, even at a nationwide mandate level. With nearly a million new single-family homes built annually, if all of them took advantage of solar energy, it would be equivalent to driving 12 billion fewer miles a year or consuming 12 million fewer barrels of oil.” The CEO told in a press release.

Looking at the numbers more in-depth shows that of those aged 25-34, 74% are in favor of such mandate. Of those aged 65+ only 61% were in favor. Of all those surveyed 32% said they were strongly in favor of such a mandate. 38% said they were somewhat in favor. Just about 14% said they were strongly opposed.


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